The Reception of Literary Neo-Avant-Gardes
– an Anthology

Ghent, 15-16 December 2022

Het Rustpunt, Burgstraat 110-116, 9000 Gent

 The international neo-avant-gardes are a rich and diversified field. The current ENAG research network examines the reception of those neo-avant-gardes in a broad sense: when and how are neo-avant-garde texts read, who are these audiences, how does the critical reception develop, and what characterizes the cognitive processing of literary neo-avant-gardes? Part of these questions will be addressed in a form that is in itself an example of reception: an anthology of international neo-avant-gardes by ENAG. This workshop gives center stage to particular works and excerpts selected for the anthology. The commentaries by the speakers, which will also motivate the choice for this text, reflect upon concepts of reception in a broad sense, which may include critical reception, cognitive reception, intertextual links, institutional circulation, and primary audiences.


Thursday 15 December

 14:00-18:00 Chair: Ilse Logie (Ghent University)

neo-avant-garde reception, the postwar decades


   ~ Welcome ~


Kris Van Heuckelom (KU Leuven)

   ~ Anthologies of Neo-Avant-Gardes ~


Stefan Clappaert (Vrije Universiteit Brussels)

   ~ Hugo Claus, Over het werk van Corneille gevolgd door een gedicht (1951) ~


coffee break


Jan Lampaert (Ghent University)

   ~ Serge Largot, Het water (1969) ~


Sara Nocerino (University of Naples)

   ~ Giorgio Manganelli, Centuria (1979-1980) ~



Friday 16 December


10:00-12:00: Chair: Lars Bernaerts (Ghent University)

sound poetry and the audiophonic neo-avant-gardes


Sabine Müller (Universität Wien)

      ~ Ernst Jandl, ‘innerlich’ and ‘ode auf n’ ~


Roland Innerhofer and Thomas Eder (Universität Wien)

      ~ Gerhard Rühm, ‘rhythmus r’ and ‘rede an österreich’/’wiener lautgedichte’ ~


Inge Arteel (Vrije Universiteit Brussels)

      ~ Friederike Mayröcker, arie auf tönernen füszen (1978) ~


12:00-14:00 Lunch Rustpunt


14:00-16:00: Chair: Vincent Broqua (Université de Paris 8)

contemporary neo-avant-gardes


Ilse Logie (Ghent University)

      ~ Verónica Gerber, Conjunto vacío (2020) ~


Lars Bernaerts (Ghent University)

      ~ Evelin Brosi, Thuis (2020) ~


Michel Delville (University of Liège)

       ~ Louis Armand, __ VITUS __ (2021) ~


If you want to attend the workshop, please send an email to Jan Lampaert (). The workshop is organized with the support of: FWO, Ghent University and SEL