December 18, 2015 // SEL workshop

Radiophonic Pieces and Literary Experiment

Blandijnberg 2/ Rozier 44  – 9000 Gent


This SEL workshop explores how (neo-)avant-garde literary experiment is realized in and in relation to radiophonic pieces. The focus is on specific authors and individual works.

The morning program consists of two public lectures. First, Jane Lewty (University of Amsterdam), co-editor of Broadcasting Modernism (Florida University Press, 2009), will talk about how her research on modernist radio and sound technology informs her poetry. Her volume Bravura Cool came out from 1913 Press in 2013. Second, Adam Frank (University of British Columbia) will present his interdisciplinary project Radio Free Stein (, which stages the plays of Gertrude Stein in the medium of recorded sound. His aim is to understand the relevance of music and sound to Stein’s poetics and to expand ways of combining words with other sonic elements. Composer Samuel Vriezen will explain his musicological input in an upcoming sound adaption for the Radio Free Stein project.

The afternoon session takes the format of a workshop: participants will listen to excerpts from radio plays and discuss particular features. Each excerpt is commented upon by a scholar who researches the topic or the author. The audience is invited to join in the discussion. The aim of the meeting is to exchange ideas on the relation between innovative literature and the radio play in several national traditions.

To register for the afternoon session, please send an email to by December 11, 2015. No registration is required for the morning session.


Provisional program

Morning: Blandijnberg, Aud. A




Jane Lewty (University of Amsterdam):
Speaking By The Noise They Make: Hidden Radiotexts in Modernist Literature


Adam Frank (University of British Columbia) & Samuel Vriezen:
Phantasy and Physiognomy: Gertrude Stein's Radio Audience


Afternoon: Rozier, Library Lab




Audio: BBC: Early Radio Drama
Comments: Birgit van Puymbroeck (Ghent University)


Audio: Gertrude Stein
Comments: Sarah Posman (Ghent University)


Audio: Samuel Beckett
Comments: Pim Verhulst (University of Antwerp)

coffee break


Audio: Ivo Michiels
Comments: Lars Bernaerts (Ghent University)


Audio: Friederike Mayröcker
Comments: Inge Arteel (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)


Discussion & conclusions


Organization: Lars Bernaerts, Sarah Posman, and Birgit Van Puymbroeck