SEL audioworkshop #4

Audionarratology: Lessons from Audio Drama

20 February 2018, Ghent

The workshop brings together the authors of the volume Audionarratology: Lessons from Audio Drama for a discussion of their chapters. The goal is to strengthen the coherence of the volume and tap into the collective knowledge of the participants to improve individual chapters. The volume revisits key narrative concepts (e.g., focalization, mediation, voice) and encourages reconsiderations of ideas circulating in recent narrative approaches (cognitive, transmedial, rhetorical, and unnatural) from the viewpoint of audio drama. Moreover, it argues that the aural makeup of audiophonic narratives stimulates and even necessitates reconsiderations in narrative theory. In other words, audio drama raises important questions for the study of narrative. Given the purely auditory nature of this art form, the question of how audio drama organizes narrative features and structural elements becomes particularly relevant in the context of media-conscious and transmedial postclassical narratologies. What media-specific (i.e. audiophonic) affordances does audio drama offer to create storyworld existents such as characters, spaces and time(s), as well as discourse level features such as emplotment, discourse time, and viewpoint? The volumes explores how sound, music, language, and voice work together or contradict each other to convey narrative information such as spatial configurations, temporal shifts, narratorial unreliability, humor in characterization.



Tim Crook [in absentia], The Audio Dramatist's Critical Vocabulary in Great Britain

Harry Heuser [in absentia], ‘There ain’t no sense to nothing’: Serial Romance and the Gothic of Audition

Caroline Kita, Simultaneity and the Soundscapes of Audio Fiction

Till Kinzel [in absentia], Gargantuan Adaptations: Renaissance Soundscapes in Radio Plays and Radio Operas Based on François Rabelais and Johann Fischart

Jarmila Mildorf, Auricularization and Narrative-Epistemic Stance in Lewis Nowra’s Echo Point




Pim Verhulst, Multiple Denarration in Samuel Beckett’s Radio Play Cascando

Janine Hauthal, ‘Stage’ Directions in Audio Drama: A Transgeneric Narratological Approach

Olivier Couder [in absentia], ‘Arthur lolled’: Audiophony and Humour in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy




Siebe Bluijs, Focalization in Experimental Radio Drama: A Transmedial Approach      

Lars Bernaerts, Narrative Mediation and the Case of Audio Drama



Grote Vergaderzaal Engels, room 130.007 (Third Floor), Blandijnberg 2, 9000 Ghent